Did You Say Fried Chicken?

What is that sound? Could it be the deafening crunch of our succulent Fried Chicken Burger? Here at CAROclub, we pride ourselves on quality and consistency. From the luscious brioche sesame seed bun to the mouth-watering Memphis sauce, you can experience bliss all over again on your inevitable return.

So what makes our Fried Chicken Burger so damn delectable? Is it the carefully curated crumb? Or the house made sauces? Maybe it’s the gentle buttermilk brine that makes the chicken oh so juicy.

Whether it’s a wedding or birthday, festival or corporate catering, Adelaide’s premier food truck does it all.

If you haven’t tried us yet, do yourself a favour and join the club. CAROclub.

To see our full menu (including our Fried Chicken options) click here.

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